Welcome to Minocqua Feed Store where we cater to our customers, promoting excellent, quality service while providing safe products that we personally research for you to choose.  All products have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are purchasing a product such as a collar or leash, we want to be sure it is a good fit for both you and your furry friend. We do focus on more natural, grain free, and some organic products. If we don't have it, we will strive to get it for you! We aim for products made in the USA.  If you would like to know how products are chosen for our store, please go to our newsletter link at the top of the page to discover our process. As always, if you are running a bit late, just call us and we will work with your schedule. 


For those who have lost a friend....please go to our newsletter for a special message.  We welcome all to stop in and sit a spell... if you are having a hard day or would just like to talk to a friend.  We would like to be a part of your day, if we can help in any way.





Below is a partial listing of what we have to offer, we are adding new products weekly:

Dogs:   Blue Buffalo (New additional flavors just in !), Fromm, Taste of the Wild, Native, Purina, Orijen, Petguard, Wysong, and Evo.  We also have treats ranging from Blue Buffalo, Canidae, American Natural Premium, Fromm, Bil-Jac, Zukes to all white, natural rawhide treats and now antlers. 

Cats:    Taste of the Wild, Evolve, Fromm, Blue Buffalo, Orijen 6 Cat, Evangers, and Exclusive.  Don't forget to treat with toys and tasty kibbles. We have added a new cat litter.  World's Best Cat Litter.  It's made from corn- all natural ingredients, no silica like clay litters.  It's also septic safe and flushable. It can last up to 2 to 3 times longer than other clumping litters.  Check it out under our brands button.

Chickens: 19% , 20% layer, also Medicated if you need.... including organic supplies, Oyster Shell; Mash and fine grit for chicks are in.  We are currently working with our organic supplier of chick and game food for the first shipment of pelleted feed.  Stay tuned for news on that front.  We have waterers, feeders, and lamps. We have wild game feed too.... See our LINKS page for a link to "Backyard Chickens".  A helpful website with tips on raising your own chickens!

Deer:  Corn, Deer Candy, Deer & Horse Apple Korn, Deer Ration Cubes, Grains, and come see us for our line of Antler King products for a great hunting season!  New product:  Chaffhaye!   An alfafa product for deer with a protein content of 19-21% per 50lb bale.  This product has other uses such as horses, cattle, goats and camelids.  Check out this product under our BRANDS button.

Birds:  A wide variety of bird seed is available for your indoor and outdoor feathered friends. We are constantly evolving this line.  Fountains, Birdhouses, nests and feeders are also available.

Squirrels:  You either love them.....or not.   Depending on your needs come see what we have to offer from Cobs to peanuts or the famous Squirrel Buster Plus.

Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Ferrets, Rabbits:  We have supplies for these furry friends as well from pelllets to feeders.

Horses:  Grains, Salt, Hay, Alfalfa, Alfalfa Pellets, Straw- We are adding new stock regularly! We have a new product called CHIA and we are so excited about this new addition.  This has anti-allergy properties, is a 3:1 Omega 3, is a powerful Anti-inflammatory, low in sugar, starch, fiber, clears sand more effectively than psyllium...Go to our brands tab for CHIA to see the composition.  Our formulation is FDA approved and Human Grade.  The HS-35 is already here and available.  Check the Brands tab for exciting news on that front.


Fly Predators-  If you have horses, dogs, or farm animals of any kind we have an all natural way of getting rid of different kinds of flies and odor....Fly Predators and Bye, Bye Odor control.  There are even solutions for mosquitoes as well.  You can stop in or shop on line through our links or brands button for simple easy solutions that work!


Buying Horse Hay- On our links page, there is an excellent resource sponsored by the UW-Extension that we are using by permission on how to purchase, store, feed, check, measure, pay for hay and much more. ONCE YOU CLICK ON THE LINK ON OUR SITE, CLICK ON THE YELLOW "VIEW PDF" TAB ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE SCREEN.  IT WILL OPEN UP THE ARTICLE.  You can print a copy on your home printer at no charge, or purchase an extra copy through the Extension office. Special credits go to the authors: Dan Undersander, Jim Morrison,Ellen Phillips, Richard Leep, Paul Peterson, and Craig Sheaffer for their great work on this article. 


Links: Check out our links for area attractions, coupons, and other ideas.   Our links can be accessed two ways.  On the BRANDS pull down from the HOME page, the links can be accessed by clicking on the specific brands.  You can also go to our LINKS page to follow us on Facebook and see some additional brands we carry. 

Need some chicks? Check us out! We can order chicks, turkeys, or ducks for you and help you get them off to a good start.  We also have farm fresh brown jumbo eggs....fresh!

Some Highlights....

-Native Formula  Puppy 3, 1, 2 ,3 and 4 Dog Food- For hard working dogs, with prebiotics.

-Wysong- This line of food has been just added to our growing line of choices for you to choose from.  The newest in a Holistic line of food.  Now carrying their Archetype diet.  The answer to our need for a raw diet for cats and dogs.  We are adding to this line weekly. 

- White Rawhide Knotted Bones- Made in the U.S., these tasty treats for small, medium, large, and extra large dogs will

                                              keep them busy. No additives or Preservatives.

-Chicken Soup Canned and Dry Cat Food- For those discerning cats.

-Tiki-Cat- An All Natural whole seafood product in four different flavors! Sardine Cutlets, Mackeral & Sardine, Wild Salmon in Salmon Consumme and coming soon Sardine Cutlets in Lobster Consomme......good enough for people to eat!

-New Cat Toys- Cat springs and laser tag for kitties.....

-For Horses-New Treats...Also long lasting Zonk-It fly spray in addition to Pyranha Fly Spray which is also long lasting and doesn't collect dust in the show ring


-Manna Pro-  For Horses, Dogs and Cats and other critters.   We have several products that include All Natural Fly Spray, Ear Cleanse, Topical, and Eye Care.  We continue to add to this line.  This is an all natural product line developed for those pets and humans with special needs or those who are looking for an alternative to products already out there.

-Quality Antlers (Dog Chews)- We have direct from the Rocky Mountains from FreeRangeEcoNaturals and grown in the USA quality antlers for your dogs chewing pleasure with the "Happy Deer Guarantee" No deer were harmed, bullied or even teased during the making of these chews. These are meant to last for months.  Our dogs are giving them a try as we speak. The purchase of this product helps support non-kill shelters.

-Majestys Wafers- Three formulas: Horse for joints; Dogs for joints; Dogs for skin and coat.

- Grow N-Win- A pre-biotic grain product formulated with 32 essentials to include flax for horses.

- Thundershirts- Do you have a stressed out dog?  Try out a Thundershirt, The best solution for Dog Anxiety!

-Himalayan Salt Licks- 4lb and 6lb Salt licks have arrived great with 84 essential trace minerals.  Good for horses, goat, sheep & cows and lamas.

-Nutri-Source Original Formula, Chicken and Rice and now Lamb and Rice.

-New Formulas for Bird Seed- We are experimenting with a few new blends of seeds combinations for feeding your feathered friends, just in, seed stackers starting with the woodpecker formula, now adding the Beetle formula

For Orioles-Grape Nectar Concentrate

For Songbirds-Push-Up Songbird Cake, Berry Flavor- Simply push up this self-contained cake and hang outside and watch the songbirds come....

Lawn Fertilizers- Milorganite, 10-10-10, Urea, Potash, SuperCal 98 (pelleted lime), Barn Lime, and Crab Grass Preventer with fertilizer in it. 

-Lawn Seed- Jonathan Green Sun and Shade mix in 3lbs and 7lbs.  This mix is a fast starter and thick grower.  Contains naturally insect and disease resistant perenial turf grasses,  blending into existing lawns. Excellent for establishing a new perennial lawn and will germinate in just 10-14 days. 

-No Sweat- Another great Antler King Product for your feed plot enjoyment.  This mix is great for those areas where you cannot get a piece of equipment in such as a logging road or a minimum till area.  It is shade resistant, pH tolerant, easy to establish, and, fast growing. 

-Reload- From Antler King- Reload tablets for active dogs in the field.  A five day supply of energy to help them during the active hunting season. 


-Power Rack- From Antler King- Deer Mineral in 5lb bags.  One bag should feed an area of 40-60 acres.  Deer will eat about 1-5 oz per day.  Although a year-round product, the best time is from March-August.





Watch for garden supplies, lawn items, and more.....





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